Some frequently asked questions…

What protections are you taking regarding the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak?

COVID-19/Coronavirus Update:

The State of Florida recently removed all restrictions in place for restaurants regarding the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak.  With that said, we do not plan to make changes to the program we have put in place, with the exception of increasing seating capacity back to 100% (which will put some tables closer than a six foot separation). Nothing else changes: facemasks will still be used by all staff and increased sanitation will continue for the foreseeable future. (10/3/2020)

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS currently in use:

1.  FACEMASKS: All staff wear facemasks at all time at Blackwater. This includes servers, bartenders, bussers, cooks, dishwashers, management and the cleaning crew. Everyone!

2.   HAND-WASHING: Staff has been trained and mandatory hand-washing and sanitization policies have been implemented

3.   MENUS: All menus are sanitized with a disinfecting agent after every usage

4.   DISHWASHING: The kitchen’s dishwasher has been checked and calibrated to ensure all flatware, plates, dishes, glasses, and cups are washed at an approved temperature to limit potential transmission.

What does "locally-sourced" actually mean?

Being on the Gulf Coast of Florida, we take great pride in serving only the freshest of seafood. Where possible, we source our vegetables, seafood, poultry, and beef from local fisherman and farmers. We believe that part of being a citizen in the community includes supporting the local economy wherever it is practically possible.

Is there waterfront boat access?

Yes. We have riverside access and a dock available for your convenience. Just pull up, dock and enjoy a fantastic dining experience.  (Also, if you wanna bring your fish catch ashore, we’ll help you clean it and cook that very day! Unfortunately, that only applies to fish; there’s a whole lotta things found out in the Gulf and we can’t be held liable for everything you find that you may wanna cook! So, fish only, please. )

Do you have a Kids' Menu?

We do. At this time, it is only available in person. It will be made available online soon (09/2020).

Can you accommodate Vegan or special dietary needs?

Most of the time, yes. Because every dish is made by our trained Chefs, many times recipes substitutions or exclusion can be made. Inquire with your server upon arrival for more details.

Do you have a full bar (beer, wine and spirits)?

Yes, We have a full selection of beverages including imported and domestic beers, red and white wine, and a full range of selected spirits.

Is Blackwater handicap-accessible?

Yes, Blackwater is handicap-accessible (excluding the upper-level space used for private parties).

Can you cater an event off-site?

Yes, we are able to cater most any function, regardless of size. Please use the Contact Us form to schedule a meeting.

Can you host a private party?

Yes. The entire upper-level of Blackwater is generally reserved for private parties or business luncheons. If you’d like to set up your function, please use the Contact Us form to inquire about scheduling a meeting.

Do you have live music and entertainment?

Occasionally, the upper-level is used for musical guests. This is usually only on the weekends, however. Please keep an eye on the Upcoming Events page for more information.

If you are interested in performing at Blackwater, please use the Contact Us form to inquire.

Do you have online coupons or social purchasing deals?

Currently, we do not. We have no online deals, discounts, reduced priced gift cards, certificates or coupons, or anything of the sort, in place.

There is a particular website that is asked about more frequently than others , thus, warrants a specific mention.  We have no affiliation whatsoever with and any/all of their website offerings. This website continues to offer our products and services at an extremely discounted rate without our permission or guidance. Anything you buy from that claims affiliation to, from, with, or for Blackwater Restaurant is false (or “Black Water Grill”, as they erroneously listed us) and should not be considered authorized or valid. Unfortunately, due to this website’s insistence on borderline fraudulent activity, we cannot accept any of their sponsored Gift Cards.

If you would like to purchase authentic gift cards for yourself, friends, family or neighbors, by all means please do so. We have them available here. But do not be scammed by this website. Please. (It will only make the situation unnecessarily uncomfortable for everyone, and no one wants that.) 

Something else you’d like to know? Please use the messaging form below to send us your questions.